stretchtent huren


Flextent, stretchtent, freeformtent, tentacil or even bedouin tent, our product has different names but they all give away what makes the tent so unique: the ability to form to different shapes and therefore the possibilty to place it nearly anywhere.

Our tents are fabricated by RHI(link) and is build by multi-layering stretchable fabric approved by the German safety inspection: TUV.

It’s this stretching quality that lends them their unique shapes, a true eye-catcher for any event. When build, they are extremely windstable and waterproof. These qualities have made this product so immensly popular in europe.

Their elegant shape and high-quality design make them very suitable for an open-air event such as a wedding, reception, party, concert, festival, Landscaped garden, urban space or even a roof terrace party.  But also in places where a conventional Alu-hall tent or Party tent reaches its limits, flextents can often still be build.

we provide tents in the following sizes*:

7.5 x 9           chino

7.5 x 10.5     chino

9 x 12            chino

10.5 x 15      chino/white/silver

12 x 15          chino

15 x 20          chino

*Larger tents can be realized by tying them together into one surface. availability depends on region.*