Why should you choose We Love Tents? What makes us more special than the other tent rental companies? The answer can not only be found in the internationally qualified quality, or in the fact that we create visual digital 3D models for you. We distinguish ourselves also by the type of services we deliver: (1) rental service, (2) hire service, (3) sale service, and (4) training service.


Our core business is the stretch tent rental service to private individuals, companies, and restaurants. Moreover, all related services are, without additional costs, delivered as well, such as safe constructing and dismantling of the tents. As event organizer you do no longer have to worry about a dry, safe, and spectacular venue.


It is also possible that you are a tent-owner, and that you are only looking for constructers and dismantlers for your event. Our decade of experience in various forms of tents makes us the perfect, efficient, and friendly crew to construct and dismantle your tent.


Did you buy a tent, or do you already own a tent, and would you like to be able to construct and dismantle it yourself? We Love Tent offers multiple tent-building trainings. We do not only offer stretch tent but various tent-specific trainings, specifically adapted to your own tent.


Did you make the decision for a permanent stretch tent in your garden? Is your venue not suitable for the standard tent-measurements and are you in need for a custom-made tent? Do you organize events so regularly that you want to privately own a tent? We Love Tents is the place to be. We come over to discuss all options with you. And do you want to buy, but not construct and dismantle the tent, you can always hire our services.


  • If required, a digital 3D version of your tent on scale is provided
  • Personal advice is provided at your event venue
  • Tents of We Love Tents meet all national and international quality mark requirements
  • Tents of We Love Tents are wind- and waterproof, fire-resistant, and protect your guests from UV-radiation with few annoying poles and ropes
  • We are competitively priced
  • We guarantee a safe and secure structure
  • We are extremely experienced in all sorts of tents
  • We are as flexible as the tents we deliver


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