About us

Anno 2016 our company We Love Tents NL was founded in our home port, Leiden. Despite this recent year, I have been working in the field since 2007 and therefore habe alot of experience in tent construction. MY expertise in tent construction is therefore not limited to stretch tents; in the past ten years, almost every type of tent has slipped through my hands. Over the years, I have built tents from the Dutch coast to East Germany. Our services are therefore not limited to the region of Leiden. 



Lodewijk van Domburg

Hi, my name is Lodewijk van Domburg. Since 2014 I started as an independent entrepreneur in the market of stretch tents. However, the passion for stretch tents has arisen since its introduction in the Netherlands in 2010. At my previous employer, however, I missed the drive for the profession itself, the emphasis was on quantity instead of quality.

Therefore, I decided to develop my own style and working method, and have been able to develop myself ever since. I give first-degree courses to companies that buy their own stretch tent, give tailor-made advice, and especially do what feels good: providing a beautiful tent for customers with beautiful wishes and ideas.

“I am very happy with a beautiful tent and the wow-response from the customer, which is much more valuable to me than how long it took me too build it”



  • Personal advice is provided at your event venue
  • Tents of We Love Tents meet all national and international quality mark requirements
  • Tents of We Love Tents are wind- and waterproof, fire-resistant, and protect your guests from UV-radiation with few annoying poles and ropes
  • We are competitively priced
  • We guarantee a safe and secure structure
  • We are extremely experienced in all sorts of tents
  • We are as flexible as the tents we deliver


Diederik +31 6 – 30385217

Lodewijk +31 6 – 41169269